Parental Help: Providing Support During Divorce

Divorce is going to be hard for any couple, but it’ll be especially rough on your children. Due to this, they might need some extra parental help. Doing so can help make divorce easier for them to handle, and in effect make it easier for you and your ex too…

Parental Help: Make Divorce Easier

Talk to them

It might seem obvious, but talking to your kids is one way to give them the parental help they need. Open communication is crucial for explaining to them what’s going on. Be sure to tell them that what’s going on isn’t their fault, so they don’t feel like they did something wrong.

Also, it’s okay to talk to them about what might change. Your kids will appreciate you being honest with them and can get prepared for those changes this way. Make sure to still talk to them about things like school and sports. This helps them see you still care about them, even with the divorce going on.

Talk respectfully to your ex

Depending on why you’re divorcing, you may feel pretty negatively towards your ex. This can make it very tempting to talk poorly to or about them. However, you don’t want to do this around your kids. In fact, being respectful is another form of parental help.

Talking poorly about your ex to your kids isn’t going to make them “pick your side.” Rather, it’ll just confuse them and make the situation worse. Instead, keep things civil when you need to talk to your ex. Don’t forget the saying “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Spend time together

One of the best forms of parental help is spending time with your kids. While your family may look a bit different, you’re still a family nonetheless. That’s why it’s key you help your kids feel like that family still exists.

Be sure to spend time with your kids like you normally would. Eat dinner together, watch movies, play games, and attend events they have at school. Be sure you also encourage them to also spend similar time with their other parent too!