Child Support


If you and your former spouse have a child together, child support can be vital to making sure your child is properly provided for. To make that decision, the court will follow South Carolina Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are designed to take the needs of the child, and the income of the parents, fully into account and then choose a figure that will be able to accommodate those needs.
South Carolina has a set of guidelines it follows to determine the appropriate award that will both assist the child, and allow the paying parent to stay afloat. In short, how can you provide for the child and yourself at the same time?

Anderson Child Support and Guidelines

The court will essentially look to the parent’s gross income and earning potential. But, aside from income, the court will consider expenses, health, assets, individual needs of the child, and any relevant information to the case. In short, child support figures are individual to every case and child.

Can I challenge the awarded amount?

It is difficult, but not entirely impossible. When it comes to support judgements, judges do have a bit of discretion. So, unless that discretion shows influence in one way or another, the appellate court will likely not overturn the decision. However, after making payments for some time, there is the potential to modify rather than overturn it. But, this is still not easy. In short, unless there is some extenuating circumstance, an award is not likely to sway.Therefore, it’s important that your case is dealt with correctly the first time. Ultimately, that comes down to having an attorney who understands your case and will fight for your desired end result. Every case is different, as is the outcome. But, having an experienced attorney in your corner can make all the difference in that outcome.