Divorce Law

We understand that not all marriages work, and if the time comes for divorce— you want peace of mind most of all. There are many facets when it comes to this type of law. From mediation, to alimony, property division, and the dissolution of your marriage. Our goal is to handle all of these issues with care, and as swiftly as possible. In short, we are here to ease your mind, help make sense of the process, and fight for your wants and needs until we reach the best result possible. Every divorce is different; we are no stranger to this fact.

In short, our goal is to handle your divorce as efficiently as possible without unnecessary spending and fighting. We are well aware that your goal is to make it through this period with as little stress, pain, spending, and time as possible. After all, you’re doing this to create a better future for yourself. So, let’s get there together.

Getting an Informed, Financially Sound Anderson Divorce Quickly and Efficiently

There are five different grounds within which you can successfully pursue a divorce in South Carolina…

However, only one out of five allows for you to pursue a divorce that’s considered ‘no-fault’ versus ‘at-fault’. The other four require that you prove your spouse did something wrong. But, even those these five grounds vary, they all provide your desired end result:

  1. Living separately, without having any relations, for one year
  2. Adultery (cheating, relations outside of the marriage)
  3. Desertion
  4. Physical cruelty, or abuse
  5. Habitual drunkenness and/or drug abuse

Whichever grounds you choose to file with can make a difference in the consequences of the divorce. However, they all have the same end result. When making the decision on what grounds to file under, it’s important that you choose wisely. That’s where our family law attorneys come into play. By allowing a divorce attorney to spend time with your case, and understand the potentials of the divorce, they can help you make the best, most informed, decision possible.