Social Life Post-Divorce: Finding Friendships New & Old

When you were married, a lot of your time and energy went into your relationship. However, now you have the ability to put that energy into your social life post-divorce. This will let you reevaluate and strengthen friendships, as well as make some new ones along the way…

Social Life Post-Divorce

Consider your current friendships

During your divorce, odds are that your friends were a big part of your support network. However, it’s important to tell the difference from real friends like these, and others who you may not be as close too. As a result, your social life post-divorce will require you to really consider which friends are good ones, and which ones aren’t.

Think of your friends and ask yourself how they treat you and how you feel around them. Do you really enjoy being around them and do they treat you with respect? Or, do you only hang out with them due to convenience, despite them being rude or mean? In these cases, it might be time to let those kinds of friends go.

Rekindle old friendships

As you think about your current friends, you might think about some old ones too. These may be friends that you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time. Maybe they distanced themselves because of your ex, or you just simple fell out of touch over time. Part of your social life post-divorce can be reaching out to these old friends and trying to rekindle your friendships.

If there’s someone out there you want to reach out to, don’t hesitate. With social media and the internet, it’s very easy to shoot them a message and see how they’ve been. Just a simple message about how it’s been a while and you’d like to catch up if they have the time can be all that’s needed.

Make new friends

Old friends are just one part of your social life post-divorce. There’s also new friends to consider. Coming off of your divorce gives you a lot of freedom to do the things you’ve wanted to, but couldn’t. These hobbies and activities are a great way to meet some like-minded people, and potentially new friends.

Still, when talking to a potential new friends, don’t ramble on about your divorce or your ex. For starters, you never know if they could know your ex as well. Plus, it creates a negative first impression. Remember that focusing on the past isn’t the way to move forward.