Post-Divorce Expectation

Divorce can be a time of extreme pain and change. Because of this, people tend to mentally prepare themselves for what could happen. Mental preparation can be for things like moving, figuring out co-parenting schedules and new jobs. However, there are a few things that surprise people after their divorce. Mental preparations for any post-divorce expectation is great to do but it’s even better if you’re aware of more outcomes.

Post-Divorce Expectation: Being More Aware

Loss of Friends

Often times, going through a divorce is a group effort. For some people, it’s a common post-divorce expectation to rely on their family and friends. However, there are some friends that can’t take the heat. A reason for this is that your divorce is reminding them of the shortcomings of their marriage. For some people, they may not want to deal with anything upsetting. Whatever reason it is, there are some friends that will step up to the plate and others that will back away from it.

If losing friends is something you happen to go through during your divorce, try not to put energy into being upset with those people. There will be friends and family that will pick up their slack. Instead, put your energy into letting the reliable friends and family know that they are appreciated and loved.

Unwanted Opinions

Whoever is involved in your life will, at some time or another, know that you’re going through a divorce. This is a great post-divorce expectation to have in mind. To you, it may feel embarrassing or like an invasion of privacy that everyone around you knows something so personal. Sadly, some people will take advantage of knowing some of personal life. Whether it be friends, family, coworkers or a neighbor, someone may voice their unwanted opinions on your divorce. However, this person isn’t always meaning to be unkind. Even though you did not ask for anyone’s opinion, they may mean it out of the kindness of their heart.

With this in mind, try not to let what anyone says get to you. If you need to, have pre-made responses to whoever gives unwanted opinions. That way, you don’t have to give as much energy to a situation you don’t want to be a part of.

Your Own Strength

Another common post-divorce expectation you may already have is your own strength during this time. You may be thinking how hard emotionally and mentally it will be for you. This may lead you to set up appointmentswith therapists in advance. However, you may have more strength during your divorce than you ever thought you would have. Of course, it’s great to prepare for things ahead of time. Continue doing that! With that in mind, don’t forget to give yourself credit for all that you’ve done and all that you will do.

Mental preparation for what may happen after your divorce is a proactive thing to do. Some post-divorce expectations may be glaringly obvious. However, there are some that may trip you up. Remember, post-divorce expectation is meant to help you so make sure you’re aware of any and all obstacles. That way, you can go through this painful time as best as you possibly can.