The Logistics of Divorce: The Details

When we think of divorce we often forget about the logistics of divorce. The tiny details have to be figured out for a divorce to become final. For example, you’ll need to decide when and how to tell people about your split. You’ll also need to figure out when and how to move out. Changing your name can be a lengthy process as well. And finally, you’ll need to work out your custody agreement and parenting plan. When thinking about the divorce process, on the whole, it’s easy to forget these smaller logistical details.

The Logistics of Divorce: The Details that Need to be Hammered Out

When to Tell People

One part of the logistics of divorce is figuring out how to tell people about the divorce. It’s really best to keep your divorce as private as you can until it’s final. However, there are some people that you’ll probably want to tell ahead of time. For example, your parents or close family members. You should also let any close friends know that you’ll need support so that they can help you through the process. And finally, you should give your boss or HR rep a heads up in case you’ll be needing to miss work for court appearances and meetings.

When to Move Out

Another piece of the logistics of divorce is deciding when and how to move out. You can decide at any point when the time is right to have your partner move out. But you’ll have to figure out which of you will be leaving and how you’ll be handling the finances of mortgage payments. You’ll also need to figure out if your children will be spending time at both houses.

Changing Your Name

Another piece to consider when thinking of the logistics of divorce is changing your name. This process can be lengthy and complicated. You’ll need to wait until your divorce is final before trying to change your name back. But once it is, you can start at the social security office. Once you have your new social security card you can begin to change your name with other entities. You’ll need to update the post office, credit cards, bill payments, and others. You’ll also need to apply for a new passport and driver’s license with your new name.

Custody Agreements

Finally, one final piece of the logistics of divorce is deciding custody. You’ll most likely cover this in your divorce court meetings, but have an idea of what you’d like to get out of it. Consider things like what your ideal schedule will look like and how you’ll handle holidays. Also consider major parenting decisions like how you want your children brought up, what religion, how they’ll be disciplined, who they spend time with, curfews, diet, etc. Make a plan for how you’d like to financially prepare for schooling and child-care-related expenses. Most of this will be decided on in court, but it’s a good idea to have some plan for what your goals are. Divorce can be overwhelming and emotional. And often we forget about the smaller logistics of divorce amongst the more pressing matters. But the details are important too. You’ll need to decide when and how you’ll tell everybody about the news of you splitting up. You’ll also have to figure out what your and your ex’s new living arrangements will be. Don’t forget about changing your name. And finally, you’ll need to decide custody agreements and put a parenting plan in place if you plan on having joint custody. They say the devil is in the details, but hopefully, you’ll be able to prepare for these logistical details of divorce and make the process smoother.