Individual Therapy: Emotional Impact of Divorce

Before your divorce, you may have tried out couples counseling to address the issues you were facing. However, now that you are divorcing, it may be good to seek out individual therapy. You might be hesitant, based on experiences in the past. But, there are a few benefits you might find by doing so…

Individual Therapy: Potential Benefits

Extra support

When divorcing, a strong support system is very important. For most people, this means leaning on their friends and family. Still, you may need a bit of extra help during this time. That’s one of the potential benefits you can get from individual therapy.

A therapist is able to provide you with professional support that friends or family can’t. This is especially helpful if you’re experiencing some strong negative emotions. A therapist can help you to understand how you feel, and come up with ways to get your mind in a better place.

Honest opinion

Individual therapy can also give you some much-needed honest feedback. While your friends and family may want to help you, they may also give you some biased feedback. This could involve them blaming your spouse for all the things which went wrong, even if that isn’t entirely true. As a result, your own decision making could get influenced in a negative way.

However, a therapist will be able to provide you with honest feedback. They’ll be able to let you know where you may have made mistakes in your marriage as well. While it may be painful, it’ll ultimately be better for you in the long run. Not only will it help clear up your decision making, but it’ll also improve your future relationships.

Help your family

If you have kids, then you’ll know divorce can also be pretty tough on them too. Understandably, you’ll want to help them, but may not know exactly what to do. This is another area where individual therapy can come in handy.

A therapist can help explain what your kids may be feeling during this time. They can also work with you to come up with ways to help them, and protect them from the divorce process. Even if you’re angry at your ex, you’ll be able to ensure your kids remain okay.