Handling Jealous Exes

Almost everyone has had a jealous ex who sticks around much longer than necessary. Maybe they cause problems for your next relationship. They might just linger around in your hang outs. Handling jealous exes doesn’t have to be difficult.

Handling Jealous Exes: Quick Tips

Communicate with your Ex

Telling your ex that what they do makes you uncomfortable will bring it to their attention. They might not realize what they are doing. If they do notice, they might think you’re into their constant presence. Communicating is a calm way to start handling these scenarios. You can also make sure you let them know the impact they are having on your life.

Communicate with your Friends

After a relationship ends, some friends will want to stay neutral and continue being friends with both parties. This is fine, but is counterproductive for you when handling jealous exes. Tell your friends that you’re trying to distance yourself from your ex-partner. They will understand!

Avoid the Problem

Contrary to most advice, avoiding the problem may be what you need. When it comes to handling jealous exes, simply staying out of their line of vision helps. After the post-break up blues calm down for you and your ex, returning to your normal routine should be no problem.

Stay Off Social Media

Social media is great for keeping up to date on local events and seeing what your friends are up to. However, social media is not great for handling jealous exes. Anything you post, like, or share can be seen by anyone, including your ex. Keeping your brunch pictures and thoughts about the weather to yourself for a while will be less for your ex to bring up.

Keep New Relationships Low Key

While it’s wonderful that you’re in a new, happy relationship, keep that quiet. The last thing you need is for your new partner to feel the wrath of your ex. Be honest with your new partner about your ex, but your former spouse doesn’t have to be their problem, too. 

Every situation is bound to be different. If handling jealous exes is something you’re familiar with, you know which way works best. However, if your jealous ex-partner is threatening you or causing you discomfort, please seek help. This could be considered domestic violence and it is very serious.