Working Post-Divorce

After your divorce, you’ll probably want to boost your income. One good way to do that is by working post-divorce. However, if you haven’t worked in a while, it can feel a bit intimidating. Still, there’s a few steps you can take to get yourself prepared…

Working Post-Divorce: Getting Prepared

Determine your interests

Before you start working post-divorce, it’s important to determine what exactly you’d like to do. For instance, maybe you’d like to do the work you were doing before your marriage. You already have experience and the basic knowledge down, which can make it easier to start again.

Or, you might want to expand your horizons. In that case, it’s good to start doing some research. Consider what exactly it is you’d like to do, and what sort of jobs would fulfill that desire. You can also see what job fields tend to be hiring, as well as which ones pay better than others.

Improve your skills

Another good thing you should do before working post-divorce is to boost your skills. Even if you haven’t been working for a short while, industries are always making new advancements. Therefore, it might be useful to take something like a computer skills course, which will help you get familiar with the latest programs.

However, you might need something more-intensive, especially if you want to pursue a new career. In these cases, it’s useful to get some more education. You can accomplish this by taking courses at a nearby college. Community colleges in particular are a great way to improve your skills at a lower cost.

Refine your resume

A good resume is important for working post-divorce. After all, just because you haven’t been working doesn’t mean you don’t have marketable skills. Even things like volunteer work or other leadership positions can help boost your chances with a potential employer.

It also helps to have another pair of eyes check your resume. Let a friend or two read over it and check for any spelling or other grammatical errors. A career counselor can also help you make sure that your resume stand out.